About Full Circle Farms

We currently farm 1,100 acres, which we lease from Boulder County Open Space. The farms are located in Longmont, Colorado, with Longs Peak (14,259 feet) to our west, where the watershed feeds our rivers and reservoirs. Ten farms make up the acreage, each one uniquely different from the others. We grow over 70 varieties of vegetables, as well as small grains, grass hay and alfalfa. We utilize the hay and grain crops for rotation to give the soil the needed rest from vegetable production.  We utilize every type of irrigation system, including drip, pivot, solid set, and flood. These different systems allow us to conserve and manage our crops with different needs.


Dave Asbury


Owner, Dave Asbury has been involved with production agriculture from his youth. He knows every aspect of organic farming, especially the hard work it takes every day. Daughters Lauren and Kirsten grew up at the markets and continue to help out whenever they can. Barbara Asbury, Dave’s mom, keeps things running smoothly in the office and beyond. Farm Manager Ozzie Gallegos has been working with organic methods for over 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this very challenging field. Mike Meader is in charge of greenhouse production, wholesale sales, quality control and food safety.  Along with all those mentioned, we would be at a loss without our field crews and pack house crews who are invaluable to our daily operations.


We believe growing the most wholesome produce organically, using sustainable practices, is the highest calling to which a grower can aspire. It is also our belief that people are the strongest link in carrying out this lifelong endeavor with respect, dignity and integrity. There exists a strong connection between humans, plants and soil.